Monday, August 30, 2010


That's right: after several years is back online! Big thanks go out to my friend Bill for his help in turning my flaky ideas into a functioning site.

In celebration of this auspicious occasion I've posted a new short (3 page) ZSG comic which you can read by clicking on the image below:

I'l be updating and adding to the Zita site in the coming months, so feel free to bookmark it. And for those of you following the Jail Comic, fear not! I'll be posting another installment tomorrow.

Oh and by the way: Here is a link to a cover of G.K. Chesterton's book The Napoleon of Notting Hill as illustrated by Hayao Miyazaki! I had heard about this book cover before but until now I'd never actually seen it. Thanks to Miss Mary MacArthur for finding it!

Bonus Update: I will be at SPX in Bethesda MD, Saturday Sept. 11. I'll have COMICS. More on this soon.


Mary MacArthur said...

Yay for Zita being back online! And thanks for the mention. ^_^

Ben Hatke said...

Hey thanks Mary!

Stewart said...

I discovered Spacegirl Zita a couple years ago and absolutely loved it. I'm so glad you're back online and you're even publishing a book.

However... what have you done with her hair? I really loved her old hair, I wish you could go back to the original style. Now its coarse and it looks like its thinning. Too many little focal points.

I hate to bring up a negative but everything else about the comic is fabulous.

Pleeease reconsider the hair.

A big Fan

Ben Hatke said...

Gosh, constructive criticism from a Zita fan. Thanks Stewart! I'm glad that you enjoy the comics enough to point out parts that could stand to be improved.

I hope you keep checking back here -I'll have more Zita stuff coming up in the next couple weeks.

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