Tuesday, August 31, 2010

D&D Jailbird Blues Part Twelve: No Phone Home

There’s a bit of poetic license here. My giving the raspberry falls more into the category of “things I should have done” rather than “events as they actually transpired.” My actual reaction to the news that I would not be giving Anna a reassuring phone call was to say something like “Oh, okay” in a glum sort of voice.

Moving right along: ...The Small Press Expo in Bethesda! As I mentioned in my last post, I will be there. Today’s news is that I will be there ...WITH COMICS! I have a small stack of collected journal comics (and other art) that I’ve titled “Tales From the Bohemian Highway.” These little books will be signed and available for sale or trade! So let me know if you’ll be there too because I won’t be at a table, just wandering around like a hobo or a comics-drawing vagabond. Here are some pictures of my little book:

Several more pictures and a bookshelf after the jump!

And finally here are a couple bits of household ingenuity. First a Bookshelf made by me, out of old fruit crates and barn wood planks...

...and second a kind of hybrid vehicle that I discovered outside yesterday -made either by elves or my own crafty children. Hard to say.