Thursday, August 5, 2010

D&D Jailbird Blues Part Six: Look Away Dixieland

This is part of the arrest procedure, “looking away,” ensures that the cartoonist doesn’t bite or spit on the arresting officer. It’s difficult to enforce though because cartoonists have a hard time ”getting it.” Cartoonists have the same trouble with the dentist.

Important Links: Maggie, who reviews children’s books over at Little Lamb Books, has done a nice little post about Zita the Spacegirl and comics and art! Beartato and Reginald seem to be having their own prison adventure. Finally, some of you may have seen this video of Artist David Kassan painting a portrait on an ipad using an app called “Brushes.” Last night I had the chance to do a quick little sketch myself and I have to admit it was fun to paint with light using only your fingertips.

“Van Shadows” painted in the back of a minivan on highway 66.