Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Stinky New Neighbor

The conversation above is semi-fictionalized. The true part is that we really do have a black and white striped friend who has been poking around the yard in the evenings. The first night I heard him before I smelled him and when I went out to investigate we just sort of looked at each other for a moment. Then I went back in the house.

I always thought skunks only smelled when they sprayed or died. But if our new stinky neighbor is any indication they kind of smell ALL THE TIME.


Bowman the Black said...


And if I understand it, skunks sometimes spring a leak. They're always producing that chemical, and I guess their bladders overflow.

Anonymous said...

"My mother raised us on blackroot--puts hair on your chest..."

Mmm, hope he didn't have any sisters!

We have a skunk that comes around every night, too--ugh! And we don't have air conditioning, we just put fans in the windows to pull in the cool air, so our house gets filled with that lovely aroma, but we're too hot and sweaty to turn the fans off! It's quite a dilemma.

Elizabeth Butina

Ben Hatke said...

Elizabeth we have the same situation as you do, fans and all! In fact, I can smell that guy right now as I type this, so he must be overflowing.

And thanks for the 33rd comment. I didn't want to do it myself.