Monday, July 19, 2010

It's For Real

Last week the little Family Hatke traveled to Indiana to visit family and friends. It was a fun time for all, and of course nothing says summer like a roadtrip! At the end of the trip, as we pulled back into our own driveway, what should be waiting on the doorstep but a sample copy of the hardback edition of Zita the Spacegirl! After seeing the pages as images on a screen for so long it was a real treat to finally see real hold-in-your-hand copies of the book. I’m really pleased with the production. Have a look:

Videos after the jump.

Still with me? Right, so I don't often embed videos into a blog, but here's a little video flip-through of the book:

Zita the Spacegirl 1 Flipthrough from Ben Hatke on Vimeo.

And here is a non-book video that still involves flipping! It’s an excerpt from a little juggling fire show. And you have my apologies if you’ve seen it already. I feel like I’m milking this one for all it’s worth, but I’ve been doing these little acts for some time and I have hardly any video of it.

This was filmed at Riverfest in (West) Lafayette, Indiana -an annual event organized by my dad!


Margaret Perry said...


Jake said...

Sweeeeet! It looks so good.

Ben Hatke said...

Yeah, it's so fun to finally have a print copy. The neighbor kids keep taking it! How great is that?

Doug Hession said...

It looks like a new bestseller, Cousin Ben. I really hope it does well; Lord knows you're talented enough. Hopefully the rest of the world will realize what we already know and proceed to not only make you independently wealthy but also continue to help give you creative fulfillment. It's obvious your personal fulfillment comes from your family. May fortune continue to smile upon you.

Tim said...

Very tantalizing! Will there be opportunities to get signed copies?

Do they still have Grand Prix Weekend in West Lafayette? Many years ago my punk band played in West Lafayette on that weekend. From what I remember it was a fun time. :]

Sarah said...

PeterXavier has been following me all day waving a copy of Flight and shouting READ THIS TO ME!! Can we get a copy of the new Z so I can stop reading about magical socks?? (Not that it isn't great, but after the 984th time . . . )

Abigail said...

Oh wow, this looks TERRIFIC!!! I can't wait for it to show up at the bookstore.

Ben Hatke said...

DOUG! Thanks, now you've got me all weepy! But I guess I always get a little misty-eyed at the thought of being INDEPENDENTLY WEALTHY.

TIM! You were in a Punk Band?!? Talk about tantalizing... YEah, signed and/or defaced copies will be available in some way. I was also thinking about doing some kind of fun contest or something...

SARAH! I meant to leave it at your place, actually. But keep an eye on your mailbox.

ABIGAIL: Thanks!

Christina said...

I love it! I really want to buy it now. If your book is as engaging as your blog (and I already love your art), I'm sure that I'll love it.

Will I be able to buy it? And when?

Ben Hatke said...

You will! That's the GOOD NEWS!

The bad news is that you probably have to wait for January or February.

feebeeglee said...

Faith and Abby want it NOW, do you hear?

They have the Flight Explorer graphic novel with Zita in it and they love it. And they complain that you didn't illustrate every single saint in the Once Upon A Time book.

(Long time no comment - Sean says hello too.)

Ben Hatke said...

The Gleesons! Thanks for the comment, I've missed crossing paths with you guys on the innerweb.

appledapple said...

Congratulations on the book, we all loved the flip through as we sat gathered around the computer screen. I had hoped to make it a Christmas gift, but I guess if its out soon enough it can be an Epiphany gift!

matt said...

Yay! Can't wait to read it!!

Anonymous said...

You flip it backward as if it were Manga, young pup.

I see you draw this one, pleases your eye. God love you.

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