Friday, June 4, 2010

A Prime Number

Oh, Bruce, you kidder.

Well today I’m 33 years old! Some other notably cool artists have celebrated their 33rd in the past couple weeks including Jake Parker, Dave Roman and Raina Telgemeier. GO TEAM 33!

And, to nab an idea from Jake’s blog: if you’ve been quietly following this blog for a time, feel free to break the silence and drop a note in the comments box! I’m curious about who’s reading (I know my mom's reading!). And if you have a site of your own and want to do something really special, consider putting up a link to this blog.

Dark English Ale after the jump...

I had planned to mention that age 33 is some sort of special year for men. It is, of course, the traditionally accepted age of Christ on Calvary, but I also have this sort of vague impression that I read somewhere that 33 is classically the age when a man reaches his prime. But I could find nothing on the internet to back this up, which probably means that my creaky old mind is slipping. But you know what? So what if Aristotle never said that 33 was a special year. I can just MAKE IT a special year!

Oh, and a link: Anna gave me a bottle of Hobgoblin Dark English Ale today from Wychwood Brewery. I haven’t tried it yet, but the label is like something from an early D&D players handbook. And the brewery has a cool site too!

ADDENDUM: I also added Artist P.J. Lynch to the sidebar. His work is awesome.