Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Natural Enemies

In the last post started with a Baby Duck. Today we start bigger, and arguably better, with Baby Elephant. He is, of course, Baby Ducks greatest enemy. Baby Elephant is the good guy, though. Baby Duck is horrible, horrible, horrible.

Last night I started reading a book called Making Money by Jason Kersten. The book chronicles the true story of Art Williams, a counterfeiter who “broke” the 1996 hundred dollar bill which, at the time, was the most advanced and hard to reproduce bill ever made. It’s a dramatic and true tale of high and low crime. I've only read half of the book so far, but that was in one sitting, so I can pretty confidently recommend it.

I always find stories of forgery and counterfeiting interesting. Maybe dangerously so, because I’m actually inspired by the level of craftsmanship and art that can go into creating the fakes. Making Money is every bit as fascinating as The Forger’s Spell, which I’ve mentioned here before. We all love a good caper.