Saturday, December 12, 2009

Sketch Like Greased Lightening!

First of all, shouldn’t we start things off with a duckling? I think we should start things off with a duckling. Here goes:

Secondly, and I know you artists out there will know what I’m talking about, sometimes when you’re working on an illustration you end up with a really nice, spontaneous little preliminary sketch. Maybe it’s not much more than a scribble, but you catch something from life, and that is the true joy of art. But then you realize that the final illustration will never live up to the sketch. Maybe it will be competent, but it will never quite have that joie de vivre that was there in your glorified doodle. This one was like that for me:

And lastly, or "thirdishly" I am addng a sidebar link to Ambera Wellmann's blog. She's a Nova Scotian artist who, among other things, fills large canvasses with the drama of the sky.