Friday, December 4, 2009

Just Make Something Up.

So I'm hard at work on the Second Zita the Spacegirl book. Part of the process, especially in the early stages, is sometimes to just sit down with a blank piece of paper and draw whatever pops into your head. It's a good little exercise in creativity and you'd be surprised what rattling around up there. Like these guys. Where did they come from?


Jaikairo said...

Your artwork is nice...i was wondering if we could be friends

Jennifer said...

I love your words - "sproinka" and "chenka". They really sound like the sounds. Much better than "blam", "pow" and other such words used on the old Batman show, for instance. I want to get into reconstructing clothing from other clothing. I know its a girl thing but you can appreciate it I think - like that vest Anna made you that you needed all the button holes made for. It's just hard to get away for a while. If only I could appreciate my kids more while I have them here. Someday I will be missing them. Sometimes I miss them right now but don't feel I have any more to give. Wow, heavy. To get back on track - Great bouncing guys Ben!! Keep up the good work!!

Tim said...

Very nice! I concur with Jennifer on your sound words! Also, thanks for the reminder that my son wants one of those high-tech pogo sticks for Christmas. The kind that let you jump like four or five feet and do tricks.

Ben Hatke said...

Hey Jen. Yeah, "Chenka" is closest to the sound my old pogo stick made. Pogo sticks hardly ever go "Blam" in my experience.

TIM! I'm waiting for the pogo sticks that jump like forty or fifty feet. When those come out I am going out and ROBBING THE POGO STICK STORE.

Can you imagine it? Bursting into a store with a ski mask and a gun and being like HAND OVER THE POGO STICKS. PUT THEM IN THIS BAG AND NO ONE GETS HURT!! And people are all screaming and crying and then you have a huge bag full of pogo sticks and when the cops pull up you just bounce away.

That is my best dream right there.