Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Tree at Fisher's Hill

We took a little Sunday walk up to a nearby battlefield called Fisher's Hill. In the Civil War, Jubal Early lost a fight here against General Sheridan. At the top of the hill there is an old, twisted, knobby oak that looks venerable enough to have seen the battle itself. The branches stretch out starting very close to the ground so that you could almost walk right up into the tree. I was able to sit and do a quick sketch of the old character, and I put little Julia near the bottom for scale.

So much for Sunday Sketching, now a word about Daily Doodles: I clear off my desk probably once every two weeks (and by then it really needs it!) and there's always a pretty eclectic assortment of little studies and ideas and characters. Most of the time I ust let them float off into the scrap pile, but this time I scanned a few of them for posting. Here:

Oh and finally, here is a link to some cool handmade books: Blackspot Books. The link is courtesy of Matt Phelan, who has a very nice sketchblog and who authored a book called The Storm in the Barn from Candlewick.