Tuesday, June 9, 2009

MoCCA: I Love New York!

 Every once in a while you are surprised and enchanted by something that you never thought you would enjoy, and you love it all the more because it’s an unexpected love.  That’s what happened when I stepped off the Bolt Bus into the fantastic madness that is New York City.

I am Peter Venkman, raising my arms to the sky and shouting  “I love this town!” 

As for MoCCA, it was great.  Long time internet friends became real life, we’re-eating-hambrgers-together friends.  I met a lot of fellow First Second authors and artists.  And, of course, I brought home a modest stack of great comics!  Those include:

Jellaby Shorts by Kean Soo

Take Out minicomics by Raina Telgemeier

Never Learn Anything from History by Kate Beaton

Korgi, book 2, by Christian Slade (a highly recommended silent comic)

Mail Order Ninja by Joshua Elder and Erich Owen

Special thanks to First Second’s Gina Gagliano for being SO HELPFUL.


marionv said...

Ben! Was that you next to Josh? I need to link you in the pictures I have of you!

Sorry we didn't get to chat more, it was nice to (almost?) meet you for sure. I love seeing your work and I get a kick that you play the pennywhistle too!


Ben Hatke said...


Link me to those pictures, man. I didn't take nearly enough. I only have 2 with people in them.

Ben Hatke said...

Oh, wait, Marion! Now I know who you are. Beautiful sketches. Next time we chat more.

Nick-dog said...

Glad you had an awesome trip and were able to take a bite out of the Big Apple. And to think it's only a few hours away....