Wednesday, June 3, 2009

MoCCA Anyone?

So, short notice here:  I will be at the MoCCA Art Festival in New York this weekend!  It’s a long, long time since I’ve been to New York, so I am very excited for this adventure.  Plus it’s probably the last event of this type for some time where I won’t be tied down to a table, hawking my wares.  Expect a full report with pictures!

In preparation I have put together a little book of my art and illustrations through Lulu.  It turned out pretty well, so I’ve posted a link on the sidebar so that anyone who is interested can order a copy.  But be warned, probably 70% of the pictures have appeared on this blog at one time or another.  Take a gander:

Lot’s of good art coming up!  Including a piece that I really want to post today but won’t be able to post until next week.  But I guess you can click here for a hint...

UPDATE: I just received a couple copies of the portfolio book above and it looks terrible!  I am removing the book until I can take the time to properly prepare the files.