Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Perfect Little Books

I've been keeping a lot of notes lately, writing down ideas and character designs for future stories as they tumble in. And I've found the perfect little notebooks for these escapades:

There is a little stationary and bookbinding shop in Pontremoli that sells small blank books with reproduced covers from old classical literature paperbacks -Dante, Shakespeare and Wilde. The unlined paper is perfect for drawing, the size is just right for carrying everywhere, and they look great sitting on your desk. To the casual observer it looks as if I am reading Macbeth in Italian.


lj tanner said...

Your notebooks are so tidy, yet teeming with ideas! I thought of DaVinci as soon as I saw them.

LeeAnn said...

Sort of like high school textbooks with doodles in the margings...except these are all margins! They should print the actual text of the books teeny tiny along the interior edges. I just had a birthday and received four heavy-duty books I'm having a hard time getting into. (This afternoon I fled to a Puffin Classic edition of Robin Hood instead.) Maybe I can get one of those blank books with some of Joseph Pearce's title covers on them?

I am very impressed with the artwork you are doing in Italy. Our parish has been enjoying your K4J illustrations--so much joy and happiness in your work. I'm just a fan, I guess!

Sarah said...
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