Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Cats and Bags

It's true!

I'm working on the first of two Zita the Spacegirl graphic novels for First Second Books!

This is actually what I've been spending most of my time on here in Gravagna. These days I'm swimming in sketches and thumbnail pages and learning just how challenging writing and drawing a long-form comic can be. I've gone through several drafts of the story so far, tearing down, building up, finding the weakest story elements and either making them shine or destroying them. The process bears an uncanny similarity to sculpting and painting.

Though my "internet life" is kind of sketchy at the moment (connection speeds in the Apennines are slow), I am going to see if I can set up the old Zita the Spacegirl Site to blog my progress.

In the meantime, here's another nice announcement of the project at Good Comics for Kids.

And to top off the comics news, a nice Review of Flight Explorer.



Anonymous said...

That's so cool--my daughter loves Zita! I used to show her the comics on the computer. Keep us updated on your progress and good luck!

--Elizabeth Butina

houseofduck said...

I can not even begin to tell you how excited I am about this! I am always looking for good friendly comics to share with my daughter. I love Zita and look forward to purchasing the book when it comes out!

Ry Guy said...

I can't wait to read it and see if it's any good!

If it is, I'll send you some fan art!

But if it's not, I will write you a long, tedious letter that explains in great detail, and cites numerous obscure examples to illustrate, how the new Zita comic underminds the original concept of Zita that was the core of her early popularity. I will conlude the letter by observing that you no longer care about your first and truest fans and have "sold us down the river" in order to "cash in" and make a "quick buck" by turning Zita into a commercialized "brand." (The letter will also be riddled with unnecessary quotes marks just to annoy you.)

However, I'm sure that won't be necessary and that I'll love the new comic. So I plan to get to work with my fan art immediately. This piece of fan art will be a rendering of Zita, possibly with a unicorn, engaged in battle against the "Twin Terrors" of Megatron and Dracula.

So make that comic good, or I'll never send it to you!

SamG said...

Wonderful Ben. Congratulations.


WondrousPilgrim said...

so excited for Zita! YAY!

Ben Hatke said...

Man oh man, the twin terrors.

that is so much better than any villainous teamup I could have thought of!

Relyn said...

Congratulations!! That's very exciting news.