Friday, June 20, 2008


I'm currently enjoying a book called The Practice and Science of Drawing by Harold Speed. It's a sort of technical look at the process of drawing with a focus on that fine line that separates academic drawing (and painting) from really good work work that has the spark of life.

It's fascinating stuff, even, I think, for the non-artist. And its written in an approachable manner. Plus, Speed seems to have a sort of general, jeering, almost comical disdain for art students (supposedly his intended audience) which the reader may find entertaining.

My evening project these days is the statue below. The design is based on a forgery of a mediaeval work. I have a fascinating book here filled with pictures of forged mediaeval and renaissance artwork. The artists did not make exact copies, but rather new pieces, loosely based on originals and carefully aged so that you would think they were hundreds of years old.

Anyway, here I am again, posting pictures of half-fiished work.

And one final recent discovery -brush-pens are best for doodling dwarves: