Monday, June 30, 2008

Trading Up

This weekend I found myself walking through a park in Florence, wondering if I had enough cash on hand to buy both a bit of food and a shirt that would be cooler than the one I was wearing (the city was quite a bit hotter than I had expected).

I was drawn, by some cheerful instrumental music, toward a gathering of young people. There were a lot of dreadlocks, and a lot of happy faces. There was a table there full of books and clothes -including just the shirt i was looking for. But no prices.

I sat in the grass listening peacefully and a moment later I realized I was sitting next to someone I knew. So I asked my friend if the clothing on the table was for sale. She explained that it was a clothing and book exchange. You just put something of yours down on the table and take something in trade.

Everybody wins. And my new shirt still smells vaguely like incense!

Sketchbook Page: a young horse that was born here a few weeks ago: