Thursday, June 5, 2008

MacBook Arrives

Okay, I think I'm back online for real this time. My sleek new MacBook arrived today after several phone calls and a really touchy moment when one operator told me the package was in France. The courier did ask us to meet him down in Pontremoli, but we explained that we didn't have a car and he was good enough to drive up to Gravagna. And Huzzah, I say.

And just for the sake of posting pictures, this is a portrait of Anna that I started a couple years ago when we were last here. This little project ended in frustration because Anna had to keep getting up to help the kids. So I only ever got about about 45 minutes into the painting.

This time around, however, I have high hopes.


Sarah said...

Hurray! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Sorry we didn't get to talk to you -- but we were thinking about you!

Eric Orchard said...

Really lovely portrait, she looks like she's on the verge of laughter.

Bridget said...

OK, so how do you pronounce "Gravagna"? Is it kinda like Lasagna? Gra-van-ya? Jason and I were wondering about that the other day.

Ben Hatke said...

You've got it right, Bridge. Rhymes with Lasagna.

Thanks for thinking about me Sarah! The girls made a really nice cake with all kinds of wildflowers on it -and wild strawberries.

A fun fact about wild strawberries. In some places (the US) they have been overtaken by a japanese breed and the wild ones have very little flavor. Not a blight, exactly, but a sort of conjoining of two strains. Angelica used to collect them on the shores, but they had almost no taste.

Here (and probably other places) they are still quite small, but have a really nice "strawberry" flavor and a lot of sweetness.

Although in the case of my birthday cake, I hardly got a chance because the girls actually picked most of them off the cake before Mr. Slow Old Man had a chance.