Monday, June 9, 2008

Florentine Adventure and Clay Time

This weekend I took a semi-impromptu, and highly enjoyable, trip to Florence. I remained indecisive about whether or not to go, but with Anna's repeated assurance that everything and everyone would be "just fine" if I took the weekend away, I finally tossed a couple things in my satchel and started walking down the mountain.

With no fixed plans, I just decided to go on foot in the hopes that someone would give me a ride to Pontremoli (where there is a train station). Someone did. And I managed to get myself to the station (a 12 mile trip) without having to walk more than 4 or 5 miles.

By evening I was back in Florence, reconnecting with friends, smelling the studio smells, telling stories, buying great art stuff at Zecchis, staying out late and just having a fantastic time.

And at home I've been buying these packages of inexpensive terra-cotta clay for Angelica and Zita. We split a package the other day and I made a little sketch of a Madonna and Child. There's a small bottle in the middle: