Thursday, December 6, 2007

An Ordered World

Happy St. Nicholas Day!

Just recently I finished reading "The Discarded Image" by C. S. Lewis. I ordered it on interlibrary loan after a friend had, hmm ...raved is probably not too strong a word. A friend raved about it.

Library loan took awhile, but the book was worth the wait. In his beautifully approachable prose, Lewis describes the medieval worldview. He considers their conception of the cosmos as a work of art unto itself, referring to it as "The Model," and what a model it is. The book was continually, delightfully enlightening because over and again it shed new light on bits of history and art and science and philosophy of all kinds.

To quote one of the Amazon reviews (linked above): "Read this book. You will never see the Middle Ages quite the same way again."

Annnnnd... here's a scribble to keep an art-blog honest:


Jeannine said...

I love this book, too. It's regularly on the reading list when I teach medieval literature.

Ben Hatke said...

Ah. That's encouraging.

Nick-dog said...

Ben, thanks for that awesome recommendation! I'll be sure to snatch that one up.


Eric Orchard said...

I'll get it right away. It sounds great, I've read most of his apologist stuff. And fiction. Lovely picture; it has a great 3 am feel.

billpowellishalfalive said...

Ben! Hi! Long-time reader, first-time commerboxerduderambo. Wow! Discarded Image! I was just raving about that book to an old drinking buddy of mine. (We have to keep the conversation going because we're lucky if we can afford one beer between us.) I'm still holding onto the One and Only Medieval Catholic College Copy myself. Worth holding onto. In fact, I have to go renew it.

Hey, is this the part where I post a link back to my site? Is my comment long enough yet?

Ben Hatke said...

Yes. I think the girl in my sketch is reading "Discarded Image." You can tell by that wistful look in her eye. She's not thinking of a young prince. No.

She's contemplating The Model.

SO, BillPowell i-shalf-alafalafa, you were supposed to, as per our agreement, post your own bog entry about this book. I'm still waiting here while I post things and then pull them from ebay.

billpowellishalfalive said...

Hi Ben! Megadittos! Hey, I kept raving and raving and raving, and I finally couldn't help myself and wrote a big old swampy bog entry about it! Do I get a prize?

Did I mention the link? What's the point of leaving a comment without a link?

Anyhow, good to meet you, Sven.

Ben Hatke said...

Bill... I can hardly express how much I love it that you treat the combox like conservative talk radio.

For that you get a prize.

Christina said... looks like she's dreaming of her Prince to me... ;) Either that or the Faeries.
Somehow, I like this one better than what it turned out to be. Maybe because the girl is awake in this one and she looks so very wistful.

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