Thursday, December 6, 2007

An Ordered World

Happy St. Nicholas Day!

Just recently I finished reading "The Discarded Image" by C. S. Lewis. I ordered it on interlibrary loan after a friend had, hmm ...raved is probably not too strong a word. A friend raved about it.

Library loan took awhile, but the book was worth the wait. In his beautifully approachable prose, Lewis describes the medieval worldview. He considers their conception of the cosmos as a work of art unto itself, referring to it as "The Model," and what a model it is. The book was continually, delightfully enlightening because over and again it shed new light on bits of history and art and science and philosophy of all kinds.

To quote one of the Amazon reviews (linked above): "Read this book. You will never see the Middle Ages quite the same way again."

Annnnnd... here's a scribble to keep an art-blog honest: