Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Anna Formaggio

Anna Formaggio is an Italian illustrator who posts comments here and e-mails from time to time. She illustrates for a catholic children's magazine called Piccole Tracce (little footprints), and though she doesn't have a website of her own yet, a couple of her books are featured at Piccola Casa Editrice (Little School House).

The other day Anna sent me this picture of Angelica and Zita (and the new baby!) with St. Francis preparing the Nativity Crib:

I love it! Everything about the pictures of Zita and Angelica is remarkably accurate.

In other news: I'll post more of my own art here soon! I have, though, finally worked most of the kinks out of my Illustration Portfolio.


anna said...

good morning and many many thanks Ben!

Paolo Vites said...

she rules!

Anonymous said...

Every time I read the title of this blog post, I think Fritto Formaggio...



Ben Hatke said...

da vero, Paulo, securamente.

Hey Nick, speaking of food, remember that Sam's Hotdog stand in Winchester? Where we got chilidogs? It's gone. How sad...!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I remember. Sorry to hear about this loss.


anna said...

Buona settimana Ben,
in week end i've been in Cinque Terre, very beautifull colors and great wind!
happy work, ciao

La Bibliotecaria Laura said...

That is precious.

Brother William OFM said...

Dear Anna
Can I please have your permission to re-publish your St Francis and baby Jesus on our website?


Br William OFM
Franciscan Friar in Hong Kong

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