Thursday, May 24, 2007

Ready or Not: Here Comes 30

I'll be celebrating my 30th birthday in a little over a week (June 4th). I've been thinking about this a lot lately -whether we like it or not, some birthdays are landmarks. And while I'm a little sad to say farewell to my roaring, rambling 20's, I'm actually pretty excited about my 30s.

I've decided that the best place to turn for reflection and inspiration about turning 30 is the wonderful film Batman Begins. I was very gratified to notice that Bruce Wayne celebrates his 30th birthday in this film. This means that, at 30, he has only just started wearing a cape and mask and jumping around on rooftops. And does he have it all together? Does Bruce have it all figured out at 30? Heck no! A bunch of ninjas show up at his birthday party and burn down his house. Let's not forget that these guys were his old school friends (if you count ninja-training as school). And Bruce even gets blamed for the whole mess.

Now I know what you're thinking. You're thinking "maybe Ben wants me to come burn down his house next week." Well, if that's what you're thinking (Ryan) then you've kind of missed the point.

The point is that now I'm finally grown up enough to put on a cape and mask and go jumping around on rooftops!


mike said...

AW! now i can't wait to turn 30 too! I turn 28 on sunday, so i still have a couple more years to go.

on a religious note- Jesus didn't start preaching till he turned 30 and david was crowned king at 30. now that you've thrown batman into the mix, that really does make it a landmark age!

Ben Hatke said...

Hey Mike, I don't know if you noticed, but that Batman picture is totally inspired by your picture of Batman playing the ukulele.

WondrousPilgrim said...

I knew your time would come, Ben. Congrats!

Ryan said...

Hmm... You make a good point, Ben. It's really about time I got around to burning down your house.

I keep promising, so I ought to follow through. Thanks for the reminder!

Try to be standing under a crossbeam when the house starts to go up so that, when the beam loosens and falls, it will pin you on the floor. Then you have to struggle to lift the beam and escape! That always makes having the house on fire much more exciting!

Ben Hatke said...

And Anna will shout "Come on, Ben! What were all those pushups for?"

Ryan I'm going to send yo a nice card on "Arche Nemisis Appreciation Day."

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