Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Art All Day

We found a turtle in the road today while we were on our way to the hardware store. I've always thought of myself as a friend to terrapins and whenever I see a frightened turtle in the road I always stop to help it out. What we found today was a box turtle and instead of just tossing him in the bushes we brought him home to let him go in our woods.

But I did take the opportunity to sketch him first.

Our house is a mess of construction projects at the moment (hence the trip to the hardware store). We're having hardwood floors put down in two rooms, painting and I'm cutting a series of arches into a long wall in the hallway.

If you are painting a room or if you will be cutting pieces out of a wall, I recommend taking some time to draw on the wall first. It's fun and you feel suddenly liberated from the normal rules of society. After all, "good" children never draw on the walls! Here's an example of Crayola colored pencil on semi-gloss wall paint: