Friday, May 4, 2007

Morris the Merrier

When I need design inspiration, I frequently turn to William Morris. Who doesn't? He is perhaps the most famous designer of wallpaper and textiles of all time. But he was more than just a designer of patterns. I have a big book called William Morris: by himself which is full of color pictures of his patterns, but also includes his essays, poetry, cartoons, paintings and, my favorite, stained glass window designs.

The man could make windows like nobodies business.

Morris was not a very happy guy, apparently. From what I've read he felt at odds with the age he was born into. And, while I can certainly understand that feeling, I can't figure out how someone who lived in the house pictured below could be anything but permanently cheerful.

Anway, I occasionally try to draw up Morris-inspired designs. It's good excersize and it really gives you an appreciation for how difficult it is to create interlocking patterns. Here's a little one from the other day:

I'm no Morris.


LeeAnn Balbirona said...

Happy blog christening or whatever greeting is appropriate! I went to the Tate Gallery a couple decades ago and began a long crush on pre-Raphaelite art and the Arts & Crafts movement in general. The older I got, the more I recognized the artificiality of some the pre-R art that they were criticized for, but I still enjoy it. I didn't realize Morris was such a tortured guy. And you're right, what a beautiful home.

Sarah said...

Horray for William Morris! I want more of his inspiration in my house. If you ever want to test your hand, I have some free walls . . .

Anna said...

Arrrr, Ben' s free-bloggin!

Anna said...

Hey Anna, how many people do you think misktake this blog:

for yours?

Ben Hatke said...

oops, that last one was me.

WondrousPilgrim said...

Ben: You are not Morris, but that's good because he was also a communist. That's a very sweet illustration, though.

Yay! a new blog!

regina doman said...

Love Morris! Looks "morris" enough for me!
Want to draw some for my book covers sometime? :)

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