Thursday, December 2, 2021

Soft Launch

 I’ve been stealing little moments.

I’m currently deep into the back half of roughing out pages for a new graphic novel. And of course there’s a brand new tiny person living in my house which brings all kinds of excitement. 

But still I’m stealing moments. 

For six years or more I’ve talked about starting a Patreon devoted to my weird little projects—a mostly-video account showcasing my creative endeavors that aren’t strictly tied to my work as an author. It’s a studio dream and a maker’s dream.

And I’m finally doing it. 

The page is all set up. The introduction video is posted

I’ve even made a little animated studio logo:

I haven’t made any noise about it on social media yet, which makes the whole thing still feel semi-secret (I persist in living in the fantasy that, like, five people read this blog). 

But pretty soon I’ll have the first two videos ready to post and then …

… then what?

Then I guess we’ll be off and running.