Friday, November 12, 2021

The Books You Leave Behind

 We all remember the books that moved us, that changed our lives in big ways or small ones, the books that introduced us to the new ideas which made our world just a little bit bigger. 

Those books are great. But I've also started to appreciate the little in-between books. The ones you pick up for three dollars and surprised you by cajoling you to the end. The books you bought and finished because you were in a certain mood

And the best part is you don't keep those books. 

But you don't throw them away either. 

You hand them on to a friend. Casually. 

I really enjoyed The Last Sherlock Holmes Story. I'm handing it off to my friend Andy who for quite some time to come will be spending long hours sitting in a hospital while his son (my godson) goes through round after round of chemotherapy. 

Thank god for the in-between books and thank god for sharing stories.