Thursday, October 28, 2021

A Video that Helped

 The months immediately following Ida’s death are a bit of a blur. It’s hard for me to remember what happened when. But there were two very important things that happened with work. First, my publisher seemed to sort of fast-track an agreement for a third Julia’s House story (the one that would become Julia’s House Goes Home). Second, my friends Zack and Jerzy swooped in and, with some help from Colin and Rose and a few other friends, wrapped me up in the project of making a short music video, with puppets, to the tune of a nearly forgotten Halloween song called “The Mummy’s Ball.”

There came a moment when I needed to work, and I needed to just lose myself in creating something, to keep from falling beneath the waves. And my friends seemed to know that. They seemed to know it was time to just make a little magic with cardboard and markers and cheap craft supplies. 

The Mummy’s Ball was made so quickly, and with the help of such dear friends, that I didn’t even have time to feel guilty and horrible for doing something resembling fun. 

That’s why this video will always and forever be tremendously special to me: 

The Mummy's Ball - Spooky Halloween Music Video (with puppets!) from Mirandum Pictures on Vimeo.