Friday, July 31, 2015

Contest Update, Goodreads, and Zita

1. Contest Update: I failed to mention in the last post the length of the raffle! I will close down the comments on Tuesday, August 4th and post the winners names on Wednesday, August 5th. Keep an eye on the blog!

2. Goodreads: More chances to get a free copy of Little Robot! Goodreads is giving away 5 copies over on their website. Click here find out more.

3. Zita!: Oh, Zita the Spacegirl... I hadn't drawn her in awhile so I recently drew up this little model sheet. Gesture is one of the most important tools in visual storytelling, and little character sheets like this are great for nailing down just how a character moves and emotes (and how they crash into things):

That's all for now!