Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Julia's House is Here Today

Today is the official release day for Julia's House for Lost Creatures. If you've pre-ordered the book there is a good chance it will show up at you door today. If you were planning to pick it up from a local bookstore today is the day they will have it in stock. If you were going to pick it up from your local library then I commend you! ...and it should be on the shelves there as well. (If you weren't planning on reading this one and you just visit this blog for the art and comics, well we are definitely still friends. And I'm sorry I haven't been posting comics lately).

Here are some pictures of some copies of Julia's House that were on my desk recently (they are now signed, doodled in, and en route to Turnrow Books):

In other news, I am quite exhausted. I'm just back from a really nice weekend visit to Indiana where I joined my parents and my sisters and my nieces and nephews in breaking in the beautiful brick oven that my dad spent his summer designing and building. It looks like this:

And it makes the most wonderful pizzas.

I also played paintball for the first time this weekend and I discovered that I'm not terribly good at it. Or, rather, I'm particularly good at the part where you get ambushed and pelleted by 12 and 13 year olds.

And so I spent last night driving from Indiana back to Virginia with my two oldest girls, arriving back at House Hatke at about 9 am. Hence the exhaustion.

I plan to celebrate this book release day with a nap.