Monday, June 30, 2014

A Jolly Wizard (and art supplies)

If you've been reading this blog for awhile you might remember this short series of D&D-style adventurers that I started posting last summer. Well I never meant for Nip, Tuck and Groff to be a mere party of three in their dungeon crawling quests for fortune and glory. They needed someone who could really sling some spells. And so now a real honest-to-Baccob wizard has finally stepped up to join them:

Bugsby is a wizard that just can't manage to stay retired. He's tried gardening. He's tried opening a little Potions Shop. He's even tried attending the Silvered Singles Socials in the local village. But no matter what he does the call of the open road eventually catches hold of him and soon enough Bugsby finds himself in the local tavern, where adventurers, rogues and ne'r-do-wells all gather, reminiscing about battle magic, goblin hordes, and treasures won.

And so, when Nip and Tuck and Groff the Fighter pass through the village, Wizard Bugsby fairly jumps at the chance to join them.

Bugsby is a more conservative than daring old adventurer, with his focus on healing potions, his helping handystaff and his trail marking hat bat (not to mention his excellent cooking). No one can decide if the jolly little wizard is a very small human or a very burly gnome or something in between, but one thing is certain: beneath that easygoing exterior is a battle-hardened adventurer that has seen it all.

Is the Wizard Bugsby past his prime? Only one more adventure can say for certain...



I hardly ever recommend specific art supplies, but the sketch above was made in a Strathmore 400 series, warm tan toned sketchbook. It's a great sketchbook. I used black microns for the drawing and white gouache for the highlights and a "light sand" colored Tombow brush pen for the tones. It seems like a really good combination for sketching.