Friday, March 7, 2014


Wow, I meant to post a reminder about this earlier in the week. But, better late than never I guess (right?):

Tomorrow, Saturday March 8th, I will be at the Smudge Comics Expo in Arlington! Plenty more information can be found here, and here. I will be doing a special presentation about comics at 3pm.

Also, here is a recent email interview I did in anticipation of the event. It's for a website called Cool Progeny which focuses on fostering creativity for kids in the Baltimore/DC area.

And finally, because this is the internet after all, here are some pictures of cats:


Jill said...

wasn't there a cat that used to hang around the cwod that you named Smudge?

Ben Hatke said...

There really was. And this very thing crossed my mind.

Still... it was mostly Andy's cat.