Monday, March 17, 2014

My House and Julia's House

This weekend I slipped outside with my notebook and made a little drawing of my house. Here's a photo of the drawing, followed by a scan with a few small corrections made in photoshop (you can get larger versions of both by clicking):

Working on this little sketch reminded me how fun it can be to just go outside and draw the place where you live. It's easy to forget about outside drawing when you've been hibernating, and here on this suddenly snowy Saint Patrick's Day it's a little hard to believe that I was sitting in a sunny field with my sketchbook just the other day.

And to continue this house-themed post: I noticed recently that Julia's House for Lost Creatures is now available for pre-order on Amazon. Here's another look at the cover of the book (it showed up on Geek Dad back in January, but I don't think I've yet posted it here):

(You can compare it with my original cover sketch).

Finally, since winter seems particularly reluctant to leave us in peace this year, I have for you a little desktop wallpaper made by my friend Niall, combining my peacock-in-a-scarf with an appropriate Steinbeck quote (click for the large version):

Oh! and for those of you who like Goodreads, I've added links to my books on the sidebar. Goodreads is great for reviews and recommendations and has links to different online purchase options. Not just Amazon.