Thursday, October 17, 2013

Whatever Happened to Ben Hatke?

I’m still here! I just got buried under a pile of freelance work, last minute book edits, and and life happenings.

I love this blog. This is where I put all my experiments -my journal comics, the flash commissions sales, stories like the Bread Wife, peeks into my studio and other random ephemera. I like sharing more immediate comics/stories/art and hearing back from readers and friends without the 1-year-plus wait that comes with book publishing. So I always get a little antsy when I fall behind in posting the bits and pieces that go here.

Unfortunately for the past few weeks I've been in a sort of perfect storm of Non-Blogging, due to some freelance projects, last minute book edits, computer equipment failures, and a lot of LIFE. October has been a crazy month.

All I have to share with you today are these pictures of a Spider that the girls found. But look! She’s all ready for Halloween! How adorable.

Oh, and I guess I also have these pictures that I sent to my publisher as jacket photos for my picture book that will be coming out next fall. (Next fall! How can I wait so long to share this book with you guys?). Credit for these pictures goes to my pal Colin Mason. Guy knows what's what with a camera:

Sadly these pictures do not paint a fair representation of what my life has been like this month...

HOWEVER! we should have the first look at the cover of ZITA 3 on the 29th, and shortly after that I will be doing a BIG POST HALLOWEEN POST FULL OF ZITA COSTUMES! Remember, if you (or someone you know) dress up as Zita for Halloween send me a picture and I'll include it in the online Spacegirl Parade...