Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Bread Wife, Part 3

Oh the poor miller! If you look closely at the illustration of the smoke pouring out of the oven you’ll see that I added a bottle of wine, a bouquet of flowers and a “welcome” card. He really thought this was going to go well...

And now the time has come to talk about Kiki’s Delivery Service: the coming-of-age story of a thirteen year old witch who starts a broomstick-flying delivery service, and one of my Really Big Artistic Influences.

KDS is not only my favorite Studio Ghibli film, it’s one of my favorite movies ever. It’s beautifully animated (the studio apparently nearly went bankrupt making it), charming from start to finish, and it takes place in the 1980s, but in a fictional universe where no World Wars have occurred.

But the real reason I love it best of all is because Kiki and Tombo remind me so much of Anna and me. It’s basically the story of Ben and Anna, and I mean, like, barely metaphorically.

Here's the movie poster. What could be better than this?

Do YOU have a favorite bakery movie?