Friday, April 5, 2013

Little Goat Story 1

Today I have a guest artist filling in for me. Her name is Angelica. She's 10, draws comics, and loves plants and animals. This is a comic she started the other night about a little goat that jumps out of a truck. You can click on the image below to look at a larger, easier to read version:

Here's another of Angelica's recent pictures:

Angelica will be traveling with me to the Kids Read Comics Celebration '13 this June 22nd and 23rd in Ann Arbor! I'll post more about that event as it approaches.

EDIT: SOMETHING I FORGOT TO MENTION: A big THANK YOU to everyone who has ordered commissions and purchased art from the Etsy Shop! I like these things to have good homes. I'll be sending orders out very soon.