Monday, March 4, 2013


This was my warm up sketch for the day. Astute observers might have guessed that it is my mom’s birthday! Hooray for astute observers! Hooray for my mom!

My parents are definitely the biggest reason I’ve ended up being able to do creative work full time. Whenever I wanted to make some invention, or art project or costume they were always happy to make time, help me dig around for supplies or help out with the parts of the project I wasn’t able to do. They took my crazy ideas seriously. And oh the things my mom was willing to sew...!

I dressed up as an eyeball one Halloween. A plucked-out eyeball. Like with nerve endings and everything. This is the kind of costume my mom would help sew. No questions asked. (I could do a whole post about the eyeball costume highlighting my dad’s genius at helping design this kind of thing).

I wore a home-made leather He-Man baldric that my mom sewed for a couple YEARS, even after a gym coach asked my parents if it was a pacemaker under my shirt. My parents just said “oh, he just wears a He-Man suit under his clothes.”

So, yeah. Hooray for cool moms.