Friday, January 4, 2013

Brain Whisperer

I can’t imagine this gag hasn’t been done before, but it’s how I feel today. I want to yell at my brain “Look, I’ll accept even one good idea from you! If you can’t give me that, then you’re fired and I’m just going to watch youtube videos for the rest of my life.” (Brains hate it when you just watch youtube).

One of the tricks of making a living by making creative work is learning to manage your own creativity. Gardening really is a pretty good, if overused, metaphor. You organize, you plant seeds, and you try every day just to keep the weeds out, but you can’t control the weather, and sometimes rabbits are going to get in and eat your metaphorical carrots. Sometimes you get a giant pumpkin, or a bumper crop you never expected.

I think these extra comics I post here, -the robot comics and journal comics and such- are my way of weeding. I tend to post more of them when I’m struggling or stalling out on other projects. It’s a good way to get out of a rut and jump start the creative process.

And what about you, my creative friends? What do you do to get back in the groove?


Tim Canny said...

So I'm thinking to myself, who is this new character Ben is drawing and then it hits me. Did you get a haircut?

Ben Hatke said...


I forgot to mention this in the last blog entry and now this one too! Yes I have short hair now. So now I draw myself with short hair. I asked Anna for "The Tin Tin Cut."

Daniel Collins said...

I usually read something totally the opposite of what I am writing. If I am working on a poem I'll read a novel. If I am writing an essay, I'll read comics. If I am writing a story, I'll read some religious books. It gives my mind a break from the rut. And it almost always results in me finding inspiration where I'd least expect it.

Christopher said...

That comic reminds me of this Calvin and Hobbes:

Anonymous said...

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Ben said...

I garden, literally. I find there's nothing better.

Working from home has the advantage that I don't have to justify to any boss what is unjustifiable to the management mindset, but obvious to anybody with common sense and an open mind who has experienced it.

Yes, gardening makes me "more productive". (What DO they teach them in these MBAs? (pace Lewis Narnia stories). Plus it produces vegetables, too!

My productive recreational facilities are ideally placed: I have to walk through the garden to get to the cabin/office where I work (and sometimes view Youtubes when I forget that the garden is calling, for which my brain duly punishes me).

You can glimpse our cabin in the background on the right in this picture:

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