Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Zita the Spacegirl Halloween Special

Oh hooray, it's Halloween!

I know I said I’d be posting pictures of Superman today, but those will have to wait. I had forgotten the special Halloween post I’ve been planning! I wanted to highlight the great Zita the Spacegirl costumes (and crafts) I’ve seen this month. Here are the pictures:

First Zita cosplayer at New York Comic Con (more pictures here).

Zita and Mouse visit Casablanca Comics!

Another Halloween Zita!

Here’s a Zita the Spacegirl Halloween pumpkin craft from the Houston Academy:

Finally the picture below is my wife, Anna, in the original Zita costume:

So, Happy Halloween everybody! Here are a couple more seasonal treats for you. It's not bobbing for apples but we do the best we can here on the internets:

Out of It video by Fallulah (featuring monsters by post-it master Don Kenn)
Monsters and Men Little Talks video
In the Night, by Basia Bulat

And October Country, a seasonal poem by our old friend Tom Riley.