Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Zita the Spacegirl Halloween Special

Oh hooray, it's Halloween!

I know I said I’d be posting pictures of Superman today, but those will have to wait. I had forgotten the special Halloween post I’ve been planning! I wanted to highlight the great Zita the Spacegirl costumes (and crafts) I’ve seen this month. Here are the pictures:

First Zita cosplayer at New York Comic Con (more pictures here).

Zita and Mouse visit Casablanca Comics!

Another Halloween Zita!

Here’s a Zita the Spacegirl Halloween pumpkin craft from the Houston Academy:

Finally the picture below is my wife, Anna, in the original Zita costume:

So, Happy Halloween everybody! Here are a couple more seasonal treats for you. It's not bobbing for apples but we do the best we can here on the internets:

Out of It video by Fallulah (featuring monsters by post-it master Don Kenn)
Monsters and Men Little Talks video
In the Night, by Basia Bulat

And October Country, a seasonal poem by our old friend Tom Riley.


Jan said...

Nice share. And I must say that you look exactly like you could fit in Zita's world ... it is like you have drawn a large part of your own self into the graphic novels! It's all good. Happy All Hallows' Eve to You and Yours!

Mrs. H. said...

Jan must not know that you are Piper! Happy Halloween and don't forget OUR old friend, James Whitcomb Riley! The Frost in on the Punkin' and Little Orphant Annie!
Didn't we have loads of fun on all those Halloweens? Remember when Mrs. Schafer scared Annie so badly we had to take her home??
I am going to be a witch tonight. Hope I can scare some little kids....BWAAAAA!

Love, Mama

Ms. Longoria's Action Research Adventures said...

Thanks for posting the pic of the pumpkin craft!!! I have since become a fan of your work after reading the best graphic novel ever, Zita the Spacegirl!!!

Mary MacArthur said...

Tom Riley??? And he's a poet??!?!! Oh my gosh oh my gosh did he go to Notre Dame???!!! If it's the same one, my parents shared a house with him!!!

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Ben Hatke said...

Thanks Ms. Longoria! I'm glad you sent me that awesome pumpkin craft.

Mary, Mr. Riley was anna's favorite teacher in school. I don't know if he went to Notre Dame...

Mary MacArthur said...

Was that at Kolbe Academy?

Ben Hatke said...


Joy Freeman said...

Hi Ben, I sent you a message via Facebook, but in case it gets filtered out, I wanted you to see my daughter's Zita cosplay at MidSouthCon in Memphis this past weekend. I posted a picture on my Facebook page (don't know if you can post links here, so after the slash following facebook-dot-com, type pagesbyjoy).

Ben Hatke said...

Awesome!! I'll definitely be posting this!

Ms. Longoria's Action Research Adventures said...

Dear Ben Hatke,

I just finished reading the 2nd graphic novel about Zita the Spacegirl.

I would like to express my sincerest gratitude for your graphic novels of Zita the Spacegirl. While I have always had a love for comic books, I lost interest upon becoming an adult. Then, I realized that graphic novels were coming to life and the way I looked at it, it was simply a thicker version of a comic book. So many of the graphic novels that I’m most familiar with have since been turned into movies. You know, the superhero ones.

Thank you so much for creating a character in graphic novel form for girls. Girls definitely a need a hero, no matter how young the character is. It seems to me that your daughters are the luckiest girls in the world to have such a cool dad. I am now the proud grandmother of a little girl (I also have a grandson) and I am looking forward to introducing her to Zita. I think she is a great character for young ladies to follow as she never gives up and looks forward to each challenge that she is presented with. The world of young ladies is now a better place because of Zita the Spacegirl. I am looking forward to your next adventure with Zita.

My only wish is that I could receive autographed copies of your novels with Zita to treasure for my darling granddaughter. Okay, I have another wish…..Maybe one day, I will be able to meet you in person so that I can shake the hand of the person who created a whole-hearted character in graphic novel form for girls. I wish that I had that as a young girl when I was all into comic books. Superheroes with superpowers just don’t mean the same thing as a young, regular girl who put on a superhero costume to rescue her best friend.

Thanks so much,
Rachel Longoria
Creator of the Zita the Spacegirl pumpkin
Back in October
From Houston Academy - Aldine ISD
Houston TX

Ben Hatke said...

Thank YOU so much, Ms. Longoria, for leaving such a kind note. This really cheered me up on a morning when I just spilled coffee all over myself AND the library book I was reading.

Would you be willing to send your copies of the Zita books to me with a self addressed stamped envelope for return? I'd be happy to sign them and draw in them.

If you have any questions just send me a message at

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Christer Kolterjahn said...

I while back I came across the first graphic novel about Zita the spacegirl at my local library (in Sweden). I was hooked.

Me and my wife have always read a lot for and with our three daughters. Now they are teenagers and we mostly watch (superhero and fantasy) movies together. But when I fell in love with your story about Zita, I had all tree read it. And they loved the stories as much as I. Not too many stories out there has a girl who is the hero...

Now when I have read, and re-read, all three graphic novels and would love to see Zita in a animated series or a movie, I'd buy a Zita adventure game if one existed.

Christer Kolterjahn
Enkoping, Sweden