Monday, August 27, 2012

Robot Comic #24

The moral of the story is NEVER TRY TO MAKE FRIENDS.

I guess if I'm going to be realistic and honest here on this blog (I generally have a more difficult time with the former) I should mention that there may be fewer comics than usual in the coming weeks. I have officially started coloring the third Zita book. Coloring these books is a long, zombifying process. It's gratifying, though, because hey, when you get to the end you have a book! But when I start to smell the graphic novel finish line I tend to work longer hours and leave less time for extra creative pursuits. Sadly this means fewer Robot Comics and Journal Comics.

But I'll keep the updates coming! Travels and signings coming up, and I've been meaning to scan and post some of the cool odds and ends from my sketchbook.

Right, okay, back to work...

Great hibblety jibbits! It's newspaper format!