Monday, May 28, 2012

Robot Comic #18

Ah, robot love in the springtime, is there anything quite like it? Let's not think too much about that.

This comic is dedicated to Anna. I’ve been wanting to bring the pink robot back into things for awhile. I like how they look like different models from the same manufacturer. The pink one is probably a later model. She doesn't seem to have the same problem with bits falling off.

You may notice that the colors in this comic look a bit grainy. Unfortunately, this one came with a terrible price. My excellent Epson Perfection scanner, which has served me faithfully for some years now, seems to have given up the ghost. As I started to scan this comic there was a POP! and a puff of acrid smoke from my poor scanner and that seems to have made an end of it.

That scanner did such a great job picking up watercolors and it was one of the few bulky things I figured I couldn’t leave at home. I’m sure it blew out due to the high voltage in this old house even though I was using a voltage adaptor like a good boy! So for now I’m limping along with a cheap Cannon document scanner.

If anyone has any advice about what went wrong, please feel free to post something in the comments. I’m now terrified to plug in my Cintiq tablet.

Oh and, as always, newspaper format is here.