Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Sing a Travelin' Song

This next Monday, April 30th, I will be at the International Reading Association conference in Chicago. I’ll be speaking and signing throughout the day. If you'll be at the conference, come say hello!

It’s also come time for me to mention that the Hatke Family is once again strapping on their collective traveling shoes and returning to Italy to see friends and family for the first time in nearly 4 years. We will be leaving in just two short weeks and staying until September. Here’s a little painting I made of the village last time we were there:

I’ll be posting regularly throughout the summer and maybe even putting a little of the “adventure” back in “Art and Adventure.” This ol’ blog’s gotta start living up to its name.

I’m also hoping to post weekly photos in addition to new art. And to that end I’ve put a lot of original art up for sale in my HOUSE HATKE ETSY SHOP with the hope of raising money for a new camera. It’s finally time to admit that our poor old 2004 SRL can’t focus (yelling "come on! FOCUS!" has stopped working). So feel free to poke around the shop! I’ll be closing it down for the summer in 10 days. Robot comics! Original Zita pages! Watercolors!

Stay tuned.