Saturday, March 24, 2012

Who Watches the Writer?

One day last week I sat down to write and I found this exquisite little guardian watching over my work. This perfect little Zita the Spacegirl peg doll was made by a friend and, as little surprise gifts often do, it appeared at just the perfect moment.

Now this tiny guardian sits on my desk to remind me that however much action and world-building I include in this third volume, the heart of a story is it’s characters.


Connie Sun said...

So charming :)

geronl said...

Love the web comics. Will you continue those?

I also loved the book that my nephew brought home from the school library.

Ben Hatke said...

Did he bring home Zita the Spacegirl? The second volume is coming out in september.

Also YES! More robot comics are coming along. Hopefully soon!

Jessica said...

Love it!

My daughter just walked in and, looking over my shoulder, said "IS THAT ZITA?!?!?! Mom, could you please paint me a Zita doll?!?" :)

She received a copy of Zita the Spacegirl in her Easter Basket and has been carrying it around ever since. She has read it at least 4 or 5 times already. It is her new favorite book!

She is very attached to her copy and nearly started crying the other night after one of her brothers accidently sat on her book (she had left it on the couch) and slightly creased the cover... I probably should have ordered her the hardcover edition! :)

I've already pre-ordered the sequel to give her later this year. Thank you!

Ben Hatke said...

Zita in an Easter basket -awesome!

Anonymous said...

Just noticed that Zita's sitting on the "D".