Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Ink and Watercolor

I’m just finishing work on the illustrations for The Worm Whisperer. I think my favorite piece from the whole book is this little cluster of violets I made for the inside flap:

I have really been enjoying ink and watercolor lately.

There have been a few inquiries lately about purchasing some of the art I’ve been posting. I’m thinking of opening up for a number of small 3X3 inch ink and watercolor commissions, but in the meantime I’ve started putting some things up in my Very Small Etsy Shop. Mostly original art. Also a coat.


Gaelen Mibeck said...

Flower Power! ;)

Nice coat, does it have any inside pockets? Also, do you think it could be shrunk at all?

Ben Hatke said...

Hey Gaelen, No inside pockets, but I suppose with middling tailoring skills (roll against base IQ) you could sew a pocket into the lining.

If I knew the spell for shrinking a coat, even a little bit, I'd probably keep this one. I spent all my magic points on pyromancy.

Josh Heusinkveld said...

Beautiful watercolor painting.


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