Monday, January 23, 2012

Robot Comic #3

I probably should have saved that one for Valentines day. (click here for the original “newspaper” format).

For me, one of the most fascinating challenges of cartooning is capturing gesture. Done right you can transmit volumes about a character with only a few simple lines. Often in capturing a good gesture fewer lines are better, but they have to be exactly the right lines or the meaning is lost. One of the reasons I like drawing robots and creatures is that pulling human gestures out of something that resembles a tin can or a squid is sometimes more delightful and surprising than drawing the same gesture in the human figure we know so well.

From the sketchbook:


The Diatribest said...

Your little girl and bird sketches are so touching. I love the red.

Elenatintil said...

The Robot comic is so adorable!

Ben Hatke said...

THanks guys. Caroline it's funny you mention the red. I have different tubes of watercolors of differing qualities. The red is one of the best.

That robot is becoming wuite a character in my sketchbook...

PRL said...

^ I read that as WOOOO-EEEET, like you just inserted a random robot noise in the middle of a sentence.

Took me about four minutes to realize what you were saying, LOL.

Fr Matthew Green said...

Delightful, as always.

Katy Manck, MLS said...

Ben, I truly love your sketchwork! Should you ever decide to sell the cardinal and his sleepy sparrow pal, please give me first-dibs! I'd frame it for my mom in a heartbeat.

And the little robot-fellow is a star-in-the-making; hope he/it/she appears often enough in your sketchbook to become a wordless book for us grownups to enjoy. Each strip would be a wonderful "writing prompt" for teachers to use with creative writing students - imagine all the different backstories and storylines that a single set of panels would evoke!

**Katy Manck
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Ben Hatke said...

Katy stop figuring out what I'm up to!

If you're interested in the cardinal and sparrow just send me an email at ben (at) hatke (dotcom). I'm also thinking of opening up for some watercolor commissions in the next week or so.