Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Drawing Conclusions: the REAL Part One

This is the real part one. The last installment was the prologue. Because when you start with a prologue you are hoity-toity. Comics!

Clip One: Banjo Man (FYI: this clip may be not safe for work. Adult language.)

Clip Two: Dance to Remember

So as you can see the REAL part one is a whopping four pages about a moment I’ll always remember. I’m starting to worry that I’ve bitten off more than I can chew with this project -there’s so much to tell! I think most entries will be one or two pages.

This is taking me back to my old days as a freelance reporter for the Lafayette Leader newspaper, when I would grab my not-so-trusty mini tape recorder and ride my bike to meetings about a new overpass or a zoo fundraiser. This was a lot more exciting.

Be sure to listen to today’s audio clips where you can get a taste of the banjo Man’s very excellent music and hear his controversial ideas about vandalism, which will have Mr. Andy O’Neill chortling “I told you so.” Andy chortles a lot.

See you in the comments.