Monday, September 26, 2011

Books on Every Side

On Saturday my friend Bill and I drove to the Baltimore Book Festival. I had an afternoon presentation and signing at the children’s book stage, but Bill and I got on the road early and made a day of it.

I’m glad we did.

As an event the Baltimore Book festival gets an A+. They convert the grass and cobbled walkways of one of Baltimore’s beautiful city park into a collection of winding, tent, lined avenues. There’s music, a wide variety of author presentations, and that special kind of festival food that is sooo good and sooo bad for you And of course books, books, books. The children’s book stage/pavillion is fittingly built around a massive statue of a lion that could be Aslan himself. If you like festivals and books I’d recommend this event.

In other news, my daughter, Angelica, continues to chip away at my position as Head Illustrator in the Hatke House. The old wolf’s days are numbered... Here’s her latest: