Tuesday, June 21, 2011

New Orleans Here I Come

The travelin’ artist rambles on...

This weekend I will be in New Orleans for the American Library Association Annual Conference and Exhibition. This is adventure marks a number of FIRSTS for me. Not only will this be the first time I’ve been to the ALA conference and the first time I’ve been to New Orleans, but it will also be the first time I’ve ever had a table at one of these things.

When I started preparing I worried that my table would be bare and uninteresting. But I’ve gathered all kinds of things from my little studio/office to display and sell. I’ll have lots of copies of both Zita the Spacegirl and my little Bohemian Highway book, Two portfolios full of original art, a few framed drawings and paintings, some art cards to give away, and I’m bringing some watercolor, pens and brushes so I can create art on site.

If you are reading this and will be at ALA this weekend please drop by my table and say hello! My table number is #1768. I’m seriously considering trading sketches for beignet.