Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Picking Up Chicks

So for the past couple of weeks we’ve had only two lonely hens pecking about the yard. They won’t be lonely for much longer. Yesterday a batch of newly.hatched chicks arrived and now, of course, the Hatke house is buzzing with Chick Mania.

And you gotta admit they are cute.

IN OTHER NEWS: I will be traveling to New Orleans at the end of June for the American Library Association Conference where I will be giving some talks, presentations and interviews. I’ll also have a little booth with art and books. More information about my involvement can be found here and here.

PS: Starting with the sketch of the chicks above, I'm going to be putting little drawings and sketches up on EBAY in hopes of starting a little Spelunkers Fund for the Hatke girls this summer. You can find the Chicks here and the Girls on the Porch sketch here. If you have seen a piece on this blog that you're interested in, drop me a note in the comments or email me: ben (at) hatke (dot) com.