Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Idea Books

Last months visit to the Smithtown Library was a treat in many ways. But one unexpected bonus was that the kind librarians not only gave me a pizza dinner, but sent me away with a little gift bag containing, among other things, a nice new sketchbook.

As you can imagine, I burn through sketchbooks pretty fast and I had been needing a new one. Sketchbooks for me are more like “idea books.” I scribble and draw all my mad little visions with little regard to whether the ideas are GREAT or just lousy. And scattered throughout, of course, are creatures and characters. This is what makes them fun to look back through. It’s not unlike looking back through my college notebooks -except that the drawings are better.

Here, then, are a few doodles from my current Idea Book:


j'aime o'gorman said...

no no put ME in your book!

Anonymous said...

NO! Put me in your book!! Without me there would be NO BOOK!!! Love, Your Mama

Tim said...

I really like the satyr-like floaty creature. His floating behavior got me wondering about the mechanism behind it which led me to think about the likely effects of his most probably high-fiber diet. At which point I reminded myself not to let my mind wander as it inevitably ends up in places best left undiscovered. Anyway, keep posting the sketches. They are always fun to see.

Gaelen Mibeck said...

I like the root monster(?) thing :)

How do you do the yellowy bits in your sketchbook drawings? Marker? Watercolour?

Ben Hatke said...

Hey Gaelen! Here's an interesting post that explains just how I get the "yelowy bits."

Sweet Enemy said...

I love them all.

Glad to hear you fill your pages with more ideas than finished work... I do admire all those "hollywood sketchbooks" out there in the internet, because well, they're pretty! but I far prefer to just cram in as much stuff as I can in my own sketchbook and see what happens. Thanks as always for great work!

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