Monday, November 22, 2010

Creatures Galore

Thanks to everyone who bought a book so far! I'll probably be closing down the "deluxe" version by Friday so if you're still interested in nabbing a signed and arted-up copy now is the time for ACTION!

Here are two short videos that are worth watching:

Out of Sight, a lovely animated short from Taiwan (found via Lines and Colors).

OK Go, This Too Shall Pass, a music video featuring one of the coolest Rube Goldburg contraptions I've seen (and I say this as someone who's parents used to bring him to Purdue University's yearly Rube Goldburg Contest).


JaneAlexandra said...

Love the comic. Great expressions and action.

Ben Hatke said...

Thanks Jane!

Christina said...

I love that one of the monsters looks like a chicken. :)