Friday, October 29, 2010

D&D Jailbird Blues Part Eighteen: Happy Endings

This is it. The last Jail Comic. I hope you all enjoyed this story as much as I enjoyed telling it! Fair warning: I'll be collecting these comics, along with sketches, drawings and other journal-style comics into a little book which will be available right here. More news on that very soon. And now, without further loquacity from me, the final installment.

(It's rather long so I've put it after the jump. Just click the image, or below to see.)

So my pre-trial was an interesting experience. Several friends really did come out to support me. I got there early and the party started late, so we spent about an hour watching the underprivileged get the raw end of the justice system. We also saw a well-to-do lad with a family lawyer slip out of a DUI charge. (friends who were there, correct me if I'm wrong on that one?).

My own "trial" lasted about 30 seconds, as a pile of evidence more or less decided everything ahead of time. I did have a lawyer, but afterward I sure wished I had listened to my instincts and gone Pro Bono pro se.

Maybe next time.

We ended up having to hunt down my drivers license from the arresting officer who had taken it on the night of the arrest and who, I don't know, kept it as a souvenir? (we did have some wacky times). The people at the court told us we would find him at the jail. So we went to the jail and a female officer opened the door a crack and asked what we wanted ("we" being me and Anna and the kids and a bunch of happy friends). We said we wanted to see Officer So-and-So. The lady said "oh he's not here. He's at the courthouse." We told her that the people at the courthouse told us Officer So-and-So was here and that he had my license. She went back to "check" and came back with my license!

Was he back in his office? Did he not want to see me again? Was he afraid he or I would cry because of the memories we shared? I don't know. I'm afraid I'll never know...

The afternoon did end with hamburgers at Spelunkers which was a fitting end to the day somehow.